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Spring 2011: Jump on the BoHo train! January 21, 2011

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Hello fashionistas!! This chilly, winter weather has me wishing for those warm summer evenings and beautiful sunsets. Good thing JE has just what we need for spring and summer 2011!

As I’ve written before, the bohemian style is one my favorite styles out there…and it brings me great joy to report that the “Boho” fashion is back in for spring/summer 2011! Designers all across the board are bringing out theBoho in their lines with 60s and 70s inspired colors and patterns.

TIP: For Boho inspired looks, turn to celebs like Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton and Kate Moss for some cool styles!

Here's Sienna Miller in a cropped Boho blouse with a great pattern! And check out that awesome belt! Boho styles look great with distressed jeans and gladiator sandals!

The best thing about Boho style is how easy it is to look naturally and simply beautiful in the clothes. It brings a much laid back look to fashion and Boho is NOT afraid of color. So be sure to mix and match those wild and crazy colors for spring and summer!

The great thing about Boho style is the ability to pair your more expensive staples in your wardrobe with cheaper blouses and accessories to create a great look. Such as a great leather jacket with a simple, colorful tunic and tons of jewelry.

This tunic soon to be sold at Joey Eric displays a great pattern and detail perfect for the Boho style! Could be worn with leggings or even great skinny jeans!

This Boho chic tunic shown above is a perfect start to your Spring Boho wardrobe! So be sure to check it out once JE gets them in! They are TOO cute!¬†And don’t forget to hop on that Boho train before it quickly leaves the Fashion Station!

Until next time…LOVES



Take it off….the shoulder that is! August 2, 2010

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Hello fashionistas! It’s been awhile since my last blog…you all know how crazy summer can get! And it’s almost over and time for back to school shopping!! Of course my favorite part about back to school is not the supplies and moving all my junk back into a dorm room, it’s getting a whole new wardrobe for school! New clothes mean a new attitude and style for a fresh start to the school year.

A style I’ve been seeing recently around town is the “off the shoulder” shirts, tees and even dresses! They’re so cute and easy to wear! They give you that edgy style to make you feel sexy and cute, but still feel totally relaxed and comfortable!

I first saw this look on one of my best friends, Chelsea who is totally cute and always up on the latest trends! One night, I was totally inspired by outfit which consisted of a white off the shoulder top, jean shorts and Ray-Ban sunglasses. It was such an easy outfit to wear, yet she looked like she walked right out of a magazine! She had a beautiful summer glow and looked completely comfortable and gorgeous!

Here's Hayden Panettiere showing off her shoulder in this cute pink top. It gives her a fun and flirty look for a night out!

Stars like Vanessa Hudgens, Beyonce and Nicole Richie are huge fans of the look! They can be worn dressed up on a beautiful dress or just worn casually as a “boho” style. It gives you so many options! And the best way to make sure you’re wearing a good “off the shoulder” shirt or dress is to:

  • Make sure the fit is right: you don’t want it too big and completely off the shoulder!
  • Find the right bra: wearing the right kind of bra so that straps are concealed is the best way to keep your outfit looking classy!
  • Accessorize: Adding some “pizzazz” to your top always makes an outfit complete! And Joey Eric has got all the jewelry you need! A cute long chain necklace would go perfect!

Dont miss out on this CUTE fashion trend!! Once you get the shirt, let Joey Eric do the rest for you with cute accessories and handbags!

Until next time….LOVES



“Dress Me Up!” Dress Trends for 2010! July 14, 2010

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I was NEVER a dress girl…it was always too much hassle to make sure you couldn’t see through it or if you had the right bra or shoes to go with it. And they usually weren’t all that comfortable! However, with the trend of all kinds of dresses exploding this summer, I find myself wearing more of these comfortable, cotton dresses!

Dresses are no longer just seen as a “fancy” clothing item. They come in simple black, cotton dresses for summer or even work as a bathing suit cover-up. I see girls all over wearing dresses just as everyday wear instead of jeans and a T-shirt.

While searching for the latest dress trends for the spring/summer I came across a website that predicts trends called They broke down the coolest dress trends for the year!

My favorite so far have been the “Light” Dress. Unlike a stiff dress, this one is free and inviting which is perfect for the heat of the summer! The most popular styles in “light” dresses are florals which is also a HUGE trend for this summer!

Another great look is the “strapless” dress! It’s so elegant and sophisticated and makes any dress look GLAMOROUS! It’s a perfect way to showcase you shoulders and make way for a beautiful necklace!

Joey Eric just got some GREAT new dresses that follow many of the trends I found on the website, and they are in beautiful colors for summer!

Here are three Joey Eric dresses. On the left, you have a "light" dress perfect for summer with ruffles! And in the center, you have the perfect strapless dress! And what a great color!

I’m loving this purple color for summer too! It’s perfect for all of you sun-kissed cuties with an amazing tan for the summer! I know I’ve been changed by this ever popular trend of dresses…have you???

Until next time….LOVES



LOCO for BOHO! June 24, 2010

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One of my favorite styles in fashion is the bohemian look….it’s so fun and flirty and a great style to have for the summer. It gives that perfect “earthy” feel and its comfortable to! The best part about Boho is the loose-fitting clothing, beautiful designs and exotic colors.

One celebrity that owns the Boho style is Nicole Richie…she’s always rockin’ a cool Boho top, TONS of jewelry and a big hobo bag to match!

Here's Nicole Richie out with her hubby Joel Madden. She looks like a beautiful "free girl" with her blue Boho top and simple jeans.

The origin of this “freestyle” comes from inspiration from Gypsies and now has entered into an almost “hippie-like” style. It free, fun and you can make it all your own!

Joey Eric just got in some CUTE Boho style shirts that could even be cute with some leggings and gladiator sandals. Take a look….

This tops are definitely cute and totally Boho perfect! Just pair with some jeans, some big chunky bracelets, a little braid in your hair, and your ready for a fun night on the town! I’m lovin’ this look!!!

Until next time….LOVES



Candy for the Neck: BOLD Jewelry 1 May 26, 2010

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Hey all, hope everyone is having a wonderful and fashion-filled day! So, this beautiful weather has gotten me all excited and ready for a fantastic summer season! I always seem to get more creative in the spring and summer months with my clothing, and one thing I absolutely love about the summer is getting to wear big and bold jewelry to accent my sundress and outfits.

My friends would probably call me the “jewelry queen.” I’m always wearing some kind of big, bold necklace full of color and love wearing big statement bracelets. I’ve recently been loving the bangles and stacking them up high and proud (a big trend for this summer!).

To me, jewelry is the easiest and most fun way to “excite” any outfit. You could be wearing just skinny jeans and a white v-neck, but the minute you add a big bold blue chain of pearls, you have an instant FASHION FORWARD outfit.

All your favorite celebrities are totally rockin’ the bold jewelry trend. The biggest trend for this summer is jewelry with weight. The bigger and heavier, the better! Big long chains and beads are very popular.

Here's Ciara and Rihanna workin' the bold jewelry by layering tons of pearls to make the outfit completely chic!

Necklaces are so easy to add a little spice to your outfit and is the one area of fashion where you can go completely crazy and bold and have it make the outfit! Jewelry is such a simple way to add a bit of FABULOUS to any dress or blouse.

Check out the Joey Eric website to find some new beautiful, gold necklaces that are perfect for the summer.

This long chain necklace is perfect to spicy up any perfect outfit! For only $39 on our website....don't forget a chic ring to go with it!

For jewelry, there are so many options and choices to pick from….silver, gold, color, beads, chains, pearls, etc. And the list goes on and on! You don’t even have to spend a ton of money on the real thing! Costume jewelry is the perfect and cheapest way to complete your look!

Don’t forget that if you spend $75 with Joey Eric, you can receive a $25 gift card!! So come pick up a necklace for you and for a friend!

Until next time…LOVES



Nautical Navy: Rock the Boat this Summer May 20, 2010

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Hey all! Back again today with some “nautical” news….navy is back and full force this summer! True navy, marine, and light blues will be fashion forward for spring and summer this season in both clothing and accessories. Stars like Nicole Richie are stylin the navy romper for running around doing errands during the day. Navy is also perfect because it ANYONE can wear it! It can accent anyone’s hair color; blondes, brunettes, and red heads can rock this style with ease.

Designers are showcasing deep navy’s with dresses, gold buttons and ruffles, and beautiful gowns like the ones seen on the red carpet during this year’s award shows.

Stars like Drew Barrymore and Sandra Bullock look stunning in navy for award shows!!

Whether it’s something as fancy as a gorgeous navy gown featured above, or just simply a navy blazer with a white tank, jeans and heels, or even a cute navy summer dress with gold jewelry and gladiator sandals, this trend is one to follow!

Check out Rachel Bilson and Victoria Beckham stylin’ their nautical clothing for the summer.

The nautical stripes have always been in style, however this summer, you can find more navy and nautical-themed clothing in many stores, including Joey Eric. Check out some of their new arrivals to get your navy fix! Check out our navy tunic dress perfect for a summer BBQ!

This navy tunic dress can be yours for $59. Go to the Joey Eric website or stop by the store.

And don’t forget the jewelry!! Joey Eric is giving away a $25 gift certificate when you spend $75 between May 19-31! What a deal!! So come in and grab your FAB navy dress some jewelry and a scarf to complete the outfit!

Enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather and “rock the boat” with a new style this summer!

Until next time…LOVES