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Fashion Forward to Spring: Simple and Sexy January 18, 2011

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Hello fashionistas!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog! The blog may have stopped for a little bit but fashion is always moving and even with winter just getting underway it seems like…spring is ahead of us! And I couldn’t be more happy about that. It’s time to get out of these bulky sweaters and boots and slip into something more simple and sexy!

Spring is coming and that means dresses and florals! This year on the New York spring fashion runways, we’ve been seeing simple designs such as whites, bold colors and cute florals. According to Harper’s Bazaar, even a 70s inspiration will be filling our spring wardrobe this year.

Here's some different styles popular for this spring!

Even earthy tones and nature colors are making their way into fun flowy dresses for the spring. And as always, Joey Eric is right there with the trends making sure you can grab your cute spring dress right NOW! Check out this adorable floral dress with a 70s inspired floral print. And, to add a little 2011 to the dress, mix it up with a trendy belt and amazing necklace. Perfect for Easter brunch!

These colors have me SO excited for what spring has to offer! Looks like floral and simple, bright colors will be filling my wardrobe! Can’t wait! So, let’s start the countdown now to spring! Here we go….

Until next time…LOVES



Candy for the Neck (and Ears): BOLD Jewelry 2 June 8, 2010

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About two weeks ago, I posted a blog all about “candy for the neck.” It was all about the hottest jewelry that is bold and beautiful! Today, I’m continuing that and talking about not only bold necklaces but also some rockin’ earrings, or in other words, “Candy for the Ears.”

Now, I’m new to the earring world with only just getting my ears pierced a few years ago, but I have always loved the long, big chandelier style earrings. Luckily, this earrings are TOTALLY in for the summer 2010!

Here is some jewelry being sold TODAY at Joey Eric! They are gorgeous chandelier earrings with a beautiful coral color perfect for a summer vacation on the beach!

Big BOLD earrings are just as perfect as a big necklace for an outfit. They can complete an outfit and stand out beautifully! The best way to wear bold jewelry like this is to wear a simple shirt and jeans or even go sleek, and wear black pants and a black blouse while wearing bold, blue necklace and earrings!

Harper’s Bazaar magazine broke down the top trends for 2010 and featured these chandelier earrings as being the hottest accessory trend of the year! Take a look at their website to see other trends that have also been covered in my other blogs!

Try these fun earrings for the summer! They would go great with a cute "little black dress!"

Joey Eric is perfect accessory stop for all of these earrings! And don’t forget Joey Eric does private jewelry parties for FREE! ┬áCall now (937) 429-1521! It’s the perfect way to try on all this jewelry with all your girls and have a fun night of shopping and fashion!

Jewelry is my favorite part of an outfit and are always a show-stopper!

Until next time…LOVES