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Spring Trend Alert: Flatforms! Fashion Do or Don’t?? March 28, 2011

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Hello fashion lovers!

The spring weather is slowly making its appearance this season, but soon it will be here to stay! And don’t forget the summer heat is just around the corner! Time to drag those spring fling dresses out of your closet and pack up the heavy sweaters and boots for the season! What a relief!

As I was recently flipping through some recent trends in fashion magazines for the spring, I came across a trend that broke on the runways of many designers for Spring 2011 collections, and I have to say I’m not sure what I think? Take a look…

It’s called the “Flatform.” A cross between the beloved ballet flat and the easy-to-walk in platform wedge heel. It allows the average woman, who may be afraid of donning the ever-tricky stiletto or platform heel to give herself a little height without the fear of falling over. It has a flat bottom, just raised a few inches to give the wearer height and add a little feminine flair to a spring dress.

Check out these different forms of the "Flatform." They're comfy and easy to wear!

Now while you may be thinking, “What’s the difference from my wedge platforms??” Well, the Flatform has a more “ballet flat” feel to them, giving the bottom of the shoe a completely flat look, just on a platform. It still makes the wearer feel as if she’s wearing her favorite ballet flats. Many designers such as Derek Lam, Michael Kors, Prada and Chanel have given their flatforms different looks ranging from a wedge look to a sandal, to even a regular boat shoe.

Here are different examples of Flatforms previewed on the runway for Spring 2011.

The easiest way to wear a Flatform is with a flirty skirt or lace top, or even a cotton dress…all from Joey Eric boutique, of course!! JE has also got some FABULOUS new jewelry in for the spring, so check it out! You need some bright, funky jewelry to accompany your fashion forward Flatforms!!

So, what do you think?? Ready to rock your Flatforms for spring and summer?! Let me know what you think..are these a Fashion DO or DON’T??

Until next time…LOVES



Skinny Jeans: The Rules December 7, 2008

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Skinny Jeans.

You’ve heard about them.  You’ve seen them.  You think they look great on everyone else.  But when you try them on, you think you look fat, or short, or you’re butt looks too big, or they’re too tight… we’ve heard it all.  You don’t know what shoes to wear with them, you don’t know what tops to wear with them, you don’t know what color to get.  There are so many questions about skinny jeans- and we’re hear to clear the air with the basics on wearing skinny jeans.

Rule Number One: Anyone, I repeat, ANYONE, can wear skinny jeans!

Skinny jeans work with every body type, just in different ways.  If you have bigger hips or a tummy, wear them with Uggs or a wide boot to balance out your middle.  If you have shorter legs, wear them with rounded toe heels.  If you’re tall, try them with flats.  Try out some different looks to find out what’s right for you.

Rule Number Two: Look for a dark wash.

Skinny jeans will be extra slimming with a darker wash.  Try to get the deepest navy you can find (be careful washing, though- the darker the wash, the more dye in the jeans).  An alternative to the dark denim is black denim.  These are very versatile – easy to dress up or down.

Rule Number Three: It’s all about the shoes.

There are three main options for footwear with skinny jeans:  boots, heels and flats.  All of these (with the exception of heels)  can be dressed up or down according to the occasion. Skinny jeans will draw the attention down to your toes, so get creative- there are endless possibilities!

Pairing Ideas

Skinnies and Uggs:  Top with a thermal, a layering sweater and a scarf for a casual day shopping.

Skinnies and Flat Boots: Top with a long tunic for breakfast with the girls.

Skinnies and Heeled Boots: Top with airy blouse and a shrunken vest for happy hour or a night out.

Skinnies and Casual Flats:  Top with a long sweater and a skinny belt for an afternoon at home with your hubby.

Skinnies and Dress Flats: Top with a slim fitting jersey top with a patterned scarf or chunky jewelery for a casual holiday party.

Skinnies and Rounded Toe Heels: Grab a top with some shimmer and shine to impress on New Year’s Eve.

*Joey Eric is currently carrying Flying Monkey skinny jeans (pictured above) in dark denim and black, sizes 24-31.