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Spring 2011 Trend: Lace for the Ladies March 30, 2011

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Hello again fashion lovers!

There are so many great trends that have popped up on the runway for Spring 2011. It full of pattern, neutral colors, and 60s and 70s inspired prints and styles. But there is one trend that is so feminine and girly, it goes right along with the beautiful weather of springtime! It’s Lace!

Lace may be the one staple fabric that exemplifies a woman and her girly ways. Women love lace because it makes them feel sexy and youthful…and it’s easy to wear even in the summer heat.

Lace has been timeless for years in the fashion world with its glamorous and elegant look. Like all great fashion trends in the industry, it has come back in full swing for spring and summer 2011. It is becoming popular in dresses, long and short,skirts and in shoes.


Here's Olivia Palermo, star in MTV's shows, The City wearing a short lace dress for a flirty look.

Since the style of lace in clothing has been around for some time, the trend this cycle around is more about antique-style lace. Generally, for this season, you should go for a wider net, a more unique pattern, a sturdier fabric – rather than a thin stretch lace.

Lace is also so easy to dress up with, my favorite, ACCESSORIES!! If you have a simple white lace dress, it’s so easy to go for some big, colorful jewelry that accentuate the overall feminine look of the lace. It’s a perfect summer or spring date night look! Check out this cute lace, strapless dress Joey Eric is featuring right now!!


This JE lace dress is so cute and easy to wear! Pair with some great heels and colorful jewelry, and you're ready for a cute spring date night!

Lace is the perfect way to look feminine and classy! Try it out in tops, dresses and skirts and see how you can wear it best! Let me know what you find! Happy shopping! ūüôā

Until next time…LOVES



Fashion Forward to Spring: Simple and Sexy January 18, 2011

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Hello fashionistas!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog! The blog may have stopped for a little bit but fashion is always moving and even with winter just getting underway it seems like…spring is ahead of us! And I couldn’t be more happy about that. It’s time to get out of these bulky sweaters and boots and slip into something more simple and sexy!

Spring is coming and that means dresses and florals! This year on the New York spring fashion runways, we’ve been seeing simple designs such as whites, bold colors and cute florals. According to Harper’s Bazaar, even a 70s inspiration will be filling our spring wardrobe this year.

Here's some different styles popular for this spring!

Even earthy tones and nature colors are making their way into fun flowy dresses for the spring. And as always, Joey Eric is right there with the trends making sure you can grab your cute spring dress right NOW! Check out this adorable floral dress with a 70s inspired floral print. And, to add a little 2011 to the dress, mix it up with a trendy belt and amazing necklace. Perfect for Easter brunch!

These colors have me SO excited for what spring has to offer! Looks like floral and simple, bright colors will be filling my wardrobe! Can’t wait! So, let’s start the countdown now to spring! Here we go….

Until next time…LOVES



“Dress Me Up!” Dress Trends for 2010! July 14, 2010

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I was NEVER a dress girl…it was always too much hassle to make sure you couldn’t see through it or if you had the right bra or shoes to go with it. And they usually weren’t all that comfortable! However, with the trend of all kinds of dresses exploding this summer, I find myself wearing more of these comfortable, cotton dresses!

Dresses are no longer just seen as a “fancy” clothing item. They come in simple black, cotton dresses for summer or even work as a bathing suit cover-up. I see girls all over wearing dresses just as everyday wear instead of jeans and a T-shirt.

While searching for the latest dress trends for the spring/summer I came across a website that predicts trends called They broke down the coolest dress trends for the year!

My favorite so far have been the “Light” Dress. Unlike a stiff dress, this one is free and inviting which is perfect for the heat of the summer! The most popular styles in “light” dresses are florals which is also a HUGE trend for this summer!

Another great look is the “strapless” dress! It’s so elegant and sophisticated and makes any dress look GLAMOROUS! It’s a perfect way to showcase you shoulders and make way for a beautiful necklace!

Joey Eric just got some GREAT new dresses that follow many of the trends I found on the website, and they are in beautiful colors for summer!

Here are three Joey Eric dresses. On the left, you have a "light" dress perfect for summer with ruffles! And in the center, you have the perfect strapless dress! And what a great color!

I’m loving this purple color for summer too! It’s perfect for all of you sun-kissed cuties with an amazing tan for the summer! I know I’ve been changed by this ever popular trend of dresses…have you???

Until next time….LOVES



Summer Trend Alert!: Ruffles all around! May 24, 2010

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Hey all! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and is LOVING this summer weather! It’s come at a perfect time for Memorial Day Weekend, BBQ’s, and Grad parties. Hope you all are enjoying it! So, this morning as I sat down to breakfast, I opened the Dayton Daily News only to find an article about the return of Ruffles in fashion trends.

I have to say that I have seen more ruffles in stores everywhere, including our very own Joey Eric! Even my younger sister is in on the trend! She recently wore a white “princess” dress with ruffles for her 8th Grade dance.

The article talked a lot about how ruffles can be worn by someone at any age for a perfect summer look. Ruffles are also perfect for people with “boy-like” figures who want to create curves. Take a look at these ruffles on the runway!

These ruffles are perfect for summer and can come in long formal dresses or just a short, cute summer dress!

Ruffles have a “free spirit” style to them and can be worn in a short cocktail dress or even a long Maxi dress with heels or gladiator sandals and of course the perfect accessory…TONS and TONs of beautiful jewelry! Ruffles can even be worn as a cute party top.

Joey Eric just posted some adorable white dresses that are all over this ruffles trend! Take a look!

The blue dress (pictured middle) is a cute summer dress with ruffles lining the top of the dress, while the white dress (pictured right) has ruffles along the bust area to camouflage the tummy area.

Stop by Joey Eric at The Greene to pick up your ruffles for summer!

Are there any current fashion trends you are wondering how to wear? Or any fashion tips you would like to learn? Just comment on this blog and I would love write about it!

Until next time….LOVES!



Summer brings warmth and flowers to your wardrobe! May 19, 2010

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Hey all! This blog is coming at you from me, Catherine! I’m new to the blog scene, but my love of fashion has always been with me. When Joey Eric opened up at the Greene, I can remember going in and being completely taken back by the unique clothing and wonderful customer service. So, it’s my pleasure to now start blogging for Joey Eric about the latest trends and clothing in the store and what celebs are seen wearing.

Today’s topic: Florals!

So, it’s the summertime…you know what that means? Flowers, flowers and more flowers! This summer season, floral print in totally in. Whether it’s a beautiful dress, a fun romper or a cute top or accessory, the florals are everywhere. This print is easy and comfortable with flowy fabrics and a bright look to them.

Check out some of your favorite celebs wearing these cute florals!

Here's Taylor Swift rockin her floral skirt that's perfect for Sunday brunch or shopping on the weekends!

Here's a few more celebs wearing the floral dress. Perfect for those cool summer evenings.

With the bold print of a floral, focus on pairing it with great shoes and a handbag to complete the look. Pick fabrics such as a chiffon or silk to make it cool wearing on those hot, July days.

Now, of course, Joey Eric is ahead of the trends and already has the perfect floral dress in stock to get you ready for the summer. Try this….

This cute Joey Eric floral dress is available NOW! Come stop by and purchase your dress with the belt for only $68. Don't forget some cute jewelry!

So, this summer, think flowers!! They’re easy, breezy and beautiful! Stop in to Joey Eric to get your whole summer wardrobe…they’ve got everything you need for a FAB summer style.

Until next time….LOVES



Hot Trend: TIE DYE March 31, 2009

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Hot off the press-Tie Dye
Hot off the press-Tie Dye


You don’t have to be a “hippie” to rock this look!¬† At Joey Eric, we have a gorgeous Lani halter dress that is tie dyed and SO HOT! This dress looks amazing with wedges or flip flops, you choose. Pamela Anderson has selected a fun navy/white tie dyed dress that is fun and comfy. Perfect just in case she has to run from the paparazzi. You’ll have to give this look a try this season. Be sure to select a color combo that works well with your personality. Have fun with it. Try a fun tie dyed top paired with denim. This is an easy way to rock the trend without looking like¬† a fashion victim¬†from “woodstock”. LOL


Bright Direction March 19, 2009

Our new First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah

Our new First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah

Salma Hayek on the cover of InStyle magazine- April 2008

Salma Hayek on the cover of InStyle magazine- April 2009

Rihanna wearing an adorable canary yellow dress

Rihanna wearing an adorable canary yellow dress


Color, color, and more color! This spring and summer it’s all about color. Bold, vibrant, and refreshing. Are you afraid to break¬† free from the dull black basics? Have no fear..color is here LOL. Anyone can wear color. The key is finding the right color for your skin tone and personality. Yellow is a big hit again. Rihanna has selected to wear an amazing baby-doll dress in rich creamy canary yellow. Stay away from neon yellow. Oh, unless your a highlighter. Select a more creamy yellow that is subtle then pair it with jewelry in shades of blue or green. Instant chic! Here are a few of my favorite colors:


1) Canary yellow

2) Grass green

3) Tomato red

4) Petal pink

5) Sea-foam blue

What’s your favorite color for spring? Please leave a comment, we would love to hear from you!


Still nervous about trying color?¬†No worries! Start with accessories, this is an easy low-risk way to add a punch of color without looking like a¬†rainbow.¬†Ease your way into color, but¬†do it…and¬†do it fast. Don’t¬†you dare get¬†caught this summer is blah black or brown.¬†If I see you, I’m calling the fashion police…LOL