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Back to School!! August 27, 2010

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Phew! It’s been awhile since I’ve written! Between a trip of L.A. for my cousin’s wedding, my birthday, and packing up to go back to school in Indiana, it’s been one crazy August! And let me tell you, being back at school has opened up so much new inspiration for ” back to school” clothes for me to write about!

Now being at college doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for ground-breaking fashion trends, as many of the students choose to wear jeans and a Ball State University T-shirt. However, with the amount of time I spend in the Art and Communications building, I do get the chance to see some artsy people with new trends and unique clothes.

Here are some of the trends I’m noticing here in Indiana:

  1. The Modest Blouse: Now at first this kind of blouse may seem uptight and more fitting under a blazer for a corporate job, however, I’ve seen many different styles of this shirt in stores and around campus. They sweet and fun that usually are worn with the button-down collar and long sleeves rolled up to the elbow. You can wear them with the ever popular skinny jeans and pair them with a cute pair of colorful flats. Try this look with a cute belt too!

2. Flirty Tank Tops: One simple way I’ve seen students keeping cool in the heat and still looking cute, is by                        wearing jean shorts and a cute tank top. Whether is be a flowy, floral top or just a simple, one-colored tank top,              this trend is the easiest to wear. To dress it up try wearing dress shorts with a floral tank top and heels to put                    together an outfit for evening!

Here's Ashley Greene looking fun and flirty in a simple white top, shorts and ballet flats!

3. The Blazer: Surprisingly, I’ve seen a lot of blazers and bomber jackets on campus. They give an outfit an edgy or classy look, while also keeping you warm in those early fall days. A blazer is timeless and is now being sold in different sizes from the typical longer blazer to the shorter cut blazer with designs and studded collars. The bomber jacket is a cute way to add a military/edgy feel to your outfit. the blazer is a MUST HAVE for fall fashion! Even with leggings, a long top and TONS of jewelry, this outfit is so cute for evenings out!

Here's Beyonce, Dakota Fanning, and Kim Kardasian working the blazer in three completely different ways! Whether it's fun and flirty or sophisticated and classy, the blazer is sure to impress!

Those are just some of the few trends I’m discovering this year on campus, but I look forward to finding new styles throughout the year and of course, keeping up with the trends all around the world! Got a trend in your city that’s got you SO excited??? Comment on this post with what it is and I can blog about it!

Can’t wait to see where fashion brings me next!

Until Next time…LOVES



Take it off….the shoulder that is! August 2, 2010

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Hello fashionistas! It’s been awhile since my last blog…you all know how crazy summer can get! And it’s almost over and time for back to school shopping!! Of course my favorite part about back to school is not the supplies and moving all my junk back into a dorm room, it’s getting a whole new wardrobe for school! New clothes mean a new attitude and style for a fresh start to the school year.

A style I’ve been seeing recently around town is the “off the shoulder” shirts, tees and even dresses! They’re so cute and easy to wear! They give you that edgy style to make you feel sexy and cute, but still feel totally relaxed and comfortable!

I first saw this look on one of my best friends, Chelsea who is totally cute and always up on the latest trends! One night, I was totally inspired by outfit which consisted of a white off the shoulder top, jean shorts and Ray-Ban sunglasses. It was such an easy outfit to wear, yet she looked like she walked right out of a magazine! She had a beautiful summer glow and looked completely comfortable and gorgeous!

Here's Hayden Panettiere showing off her shoulder in this cute pink top. It gives her a fun and flirty look for a night out!

Stars like Vanessa Hudgens, Beyonce and Nicole Richie are huge fans of the look! They can be worn dressed up on a beautiful dress or just worn casually as a “boho” style. It gives you so many options! And the best way to make sure you’re wearing a good “off the shoulder” shirt or dress is to:

  • Make sure the fit is right: you don’t want it too big and completely off the shoulder!
  • Find the right bra: wearing the right kind of bra so that straps are concealed is the best way to keep your outfit looking classy!
  • Accessorize: Adding some “pizzazz” to your top always makes an outfit complete! And Joey Eric has got all the jewelry you need! A cute long chain necklace would go perfect!

Dont miss out on this CUTE fashion trend!! Once you get the shirt, let Joey Eric do the rest for you with cute accessories and handbags!

Until next time….LOVES