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Stack ’em up!: Bangles! June 30, 2010

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Some women love wearing jewelry, some are never seen wearing as much as a ring on their finger. But one of the easiest ways to dress up an outfit or add some jewelry is by wearing a simple,small bangle on your wrist.

History of the Bangle

This trend for summer is not new to the fashion world and has in fact, Egyptian and Indian roots. Women would usually wear this bracelet in multiples for an elegant look. In many cultures, the knocking sounds that these bracelets made was seen as a way to ward off evil spirits.

For the Punjab Indian there is a saying that a woman wearing glass bangles will be married and when the last bangle breaks, the honeymoon is over!

Here are different sized bangles perfect to wear them all or just stack a few up your arm for summer! These bangles can be found at Joey Eric!

Today the bangles are worn all up the arm in a variety of colors and styles. Some are thick and colorful and some are as simple as a thin, gold bangle.

Celebrity Favorites

Today, the bangles are extremely popular, especially for people who love the Bohemian style look, as featured in my previous blog. They resemble a free spirit and are the simplest way to dress up an outfit with jewelry. Here are some of your favorite celebrities wearing bangles!

Here's Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez and Marley Shelton stacking up their bangles high!

As one fashion tip, try mixing and matching your circle bangles with square ones for a fun, playful look.

I’m loving this trend and love the Boho style they give any outfit…..and of course, who doesn’t love the clicking sound of all your bangles stacked up high on your arm?! It’s a show stopper for sure!

Until next time…LOVES



LOCO for BOHO! June 24, 2010

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One of my favorite styles in fashion is the bohemian look….it’s so fun and flirty and a great style to have for the summer. It gives that perfect “earthy” feel and its comfortable to! The best part about Boho is the loose-fitting clothing, beautiful designs and exotic colors.

One celebrity that owns the Boho style is Nicole Richie…she’s always rockin’ a cool Boho top, TONS of jewelry and a big hobo bag to match!

Here's Nicole Richie out with her hubby Joel Madden. She looks like a beautiful "free girl" with her blue Boho top and simple jeans.

The origin of this “freestyle” comes from inspiration from Gypsies and now has entered into an almost “hippie-like” style. It free, fun and you can make it all your own!

Joey Eric just got in some CUTE Boho style shirts that could even be cute with some leggings and gladiator sandals. Take a look….

This tops are definitely cute and totally Boho perfect! Just pair with some jeans, some big chunky bracelets, a little braid in your hair, and your ready for a fun night on the town! I’m lovin’ this look!!!

Until next time….LOVES



RIP Touchdown Jesus! June 18, 2010

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Well we’ve all heard of the tragic fire destroying the beloved “Touchdown Jesus” in front of the church along I-75 in Dayton. The landmark was known to all Daytonians and drivers alike and is in many pictures and photo ops for the OSU “O-H-I-O” poses.

Now, in order to properly mourn “Touchdown Jesus,” you need an AMAZING T-shirt. And where can you find all this?? Joey Eric of, course!

Joey Eric is proud to be selling the “Touchdown Jesus” T-shirts and is even offering FREE SHIPPING until June 30th for the shirts. Just type in the coupon code: TDJ when you go to check out online!

Get your Touchdown Jesus shirt for only $28 in the store or go online to get it with FREE shipping!

This event has even made national news! While visiting some family in Boston today, the cashier at a local store asked where we were from and immediately asked if we had ever seen the “Big Butter Jesus” that just burnt down! It turns out another employee is from Cincinnati and told the story. Tiny news travels fast it seems!

So don’t miss out on this one and only shirt with your favorite “Touchdown Jesus!” They’re selling fast so get in to the store and hurry!

RIP Big Butter Jesus!

Until next time…LOVES



Candy for the Neck (and Ears): BOLD Jewelry 2 June 8, 2010

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About two weeks ago, I posted a blog all about “candy for the neck.” It was all about the hottest jewelry that is bold and beautiful! Today, I’m continuing that and talking about not only bold necklaces but also some rockin’ earrings, or in other words, “Candy for the Ears.”

Now, I’m new to the earring world with only just getting my ears pierced a few years ago, but I have always loved the long, big chandelier style earrings. Luckily, this earrings are TOTALLY in for the summer 2010!

Here is some jewelry being sold TODAY at Joey Eric! They are gorgeous chandelier earrings with a beautiful coral color perfect for a summer vacation on the beach!

Big BOLD earrings are just as perfect as a big necklace for an outfit. They can complete an outfit and stand out beautifully! The best way to wear bold jewelry like this is to wear a simple shirt and jeans or even go sleek, and wear black pants and a black blouse while wearing bold, blue necklace and earrings!

Harper’s Bazaar magazine broke down the top trends for 2010 and featured these chandelier earrings as being the hottest accessory trend of the year! Take a look at their website to see other trends that have also been covered in my other blogs!

Try these fun earrings for the summer! They would go great with a cute "little black dress!"

Joey Eric is perfect accessory stop for all of these earrings! And don’t forget Joey Eric does private jewelry parties for FREE!  Call now (937) 429-1521! It’s the perfect way to try on all this jewelry with all your girls and have a fun night of shopping and fashion!

Jewelry is my favorite part of an outfit and are always a show-stopper!

Until next time…LOVES



The PERFECT Accessory: Handbags June 3, 2010

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The two perfect accessories a woman can own are diamonds and of course….handbags! Every girl loves a good diamond but a handbag is what makes an outfit.

In a recent trip to New York for a fashion study, one of our tour guides at Bergdorf Goodman’s said the two things women judge another woman by are her shoes and her handbag. Handbags have gone through a wide variety of trends from going from small bags to the current popular large hobo bags.

Handbags come in all colors and the celebrities love wearing the latest Prada or Marc Jacobs bag. Check out some of these celebs wearing GORGEOUS handbags!

Here's Miley Cyrus with her Bottega Veneta bag in purple. It goes so cute with her outfit and is the perfect bag all season long!

Luckily, Joey Eric is all over these handbags and is ready to feed your fix! New handbags should be in this week along with loads of new clothes and accessories. Check out this bag that looks similar to Miley’s Bottega…

This bag will be sold at Joey Eric soon! So come on in and check it out this weekend plus loads more of beautiful bags!

Be sure to stop by Joey Eric this weekend and grab some handbags and jewelry to kick off the summer right!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and is ready for a wonderful and fashion-filled summer! Keep checking back with new tips and trends for the summer!

Until next time…LOVES