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Ringing in the New Year in Style! December 30, 2009

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We are officially moving into double digits! (well, as far as the 21st century goes!) I cannot believe where this year has gone! Whether you’re counting down in New York or waiting an extra 3 hours in LA, we have some awesome black dresses fit for every personality. Between our simple yet elegant dresses and our fun and flashy accessories, we are sure to make you the talk of 2010! We have everything you need from fun earrings, to great bracelets and jewelry all the way to awesome tops and dresses! Here are a few styles that I came up with out of the things in out store! Enjoy!

This rocker-chic look is great to party down in! The metal rings that cover the front of it really make a statement when paired with one of our awesome necklaces! The necklace in this look now is quite similar to one that has been warn by the Kim Kardashian herself! With our ruffled vest on top and a pair of cute leggings and heals (or boots!) you’ll be all set to hit the town all night with style!

Looking for a little more upscale? With this number you’ll be looking classic and elegant at any bash! The dress itself is a little bit of a bubble dress at the bottom giving your legs a great accent! With this cut of dress, you can also wear a plain white shirt underneath it in case it gets a little chilly! It also has an awesome shiny ribbon detail around the waist to give that extra flash! With that detailing in the middle, this dress really makes a statement with one of our jeweled ribbon necklaces! The necklaces really bring any outfit to the next level! They are super cute with a fancy dress or just a plain basic t-shirt and jeans. You’ll be grabbing all the looks with this number!

Lastly, this look is super fun and carefree with a little bit of edge in the necklace, perfect for a basic party or a real rave of a celebration! The dress is a real simple dress with a long ruffle (nothing frilly!) along the neckline, giving a lift to this basic dress. It is also cinched at the waistline which is awesome to show off your awesome curves! Paired with our grey ruffle vest, it really boosts this look to fun and flirty in a snap! The necklace shown is one of our own but to make it shorter it is actually doubled up! The black circle on the neck is actually the clasp of the necklace! Shortening the necklace changes the look and feel of it entirely and really sets the outfit up!

Hurry in soon to grab one of these fabulous styles or mix and match something of your own to get your perfect look!!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic year and I hope that everyone has a safe and awesome New Years! Ring it in with style everyone!

Stay Stylin’


We’re on TV! December 29, 2009

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That’s right! Joey Eric House of Style made a big-screen (well, as big as your television screen is) debut all thanks to the International College of Broadcast. Marty, a student at the school, did a segment on the store as to where we got our start as well as basic background information about the store. Then, Marty took to the racks and did a little bit of personal shopping to show that our clothes “make you feel like a million bucks” for a very great price! 🙂 The segments are still airing on the International College of Broadcast channel as apart of their Winter Fashion segment. Here is Marty’s segments now! Enjoy!

This video is a little bit of history about the store as well as information about our fashion shows!

This video follows Marty around on a shopping trip through Joey Eric and shows how us here at Joey Eric will help you look fabulous!


Look like Carrie! December 26, 2009

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Carrie Underwood that is! Hope everyone had a splendid holiday! On the CNN Heroes awards, Carrie Underwood performed the song “Change” in a beautiful dress with an amazing necklace and cute hair clip all covered in sparkles! Even her microphone was decked out in glitter! What caught my attention was the necklace she wore-one that looks just like one we have in the store!

Come stop in and and get this fabulous necklace and rock it just like Carrie Underwood at all of your after holiday parties and New Years! Come stop in and get your necklace now! 😀 Here’s Carrie’s performance!


Ladies Leave Your Men At Home… December 16, 2009

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With all the holiday hustle and bustle, sometimes hanging out with friends gets put on hold. But here’s the perfect excuse to give your girlfriends a call. On Thursday night, The Melting Pot is having their weekly Ladies Night from 5pm-10pm. In case you are unaware, The Melting Pot is a restaurant all based around fondue. With an excellent staff, each fondue is made to order while it cooks right in front of your very eyes! Each table is equipped with its own stove top for the fondue bowl to cook on. There is a great assortment of cheeses and chocolates to choose from. It’s an adventure all in its own! On Ladies Night, the cost is $29 a person to receive a salad and an entrĂ©e. The best part? Drinks are half price! What a perfect way to catch up with friends and have fantastic food. Also, while you eat, Joey Eric will have a table set up front by the hostess stand. We will have a lot of our fabulous jewelry and fantastic scarves available to purchase right on the spot! It’s a super easy way to have a nice night out while stocking up on some great stocking stuffers! The Melting Pot is located at 453 Miamisburg-Centerville Road in Centerville across from the Flower Factory. Be sure to check out our website to take a look at some of our fabulous jewelry to get a “taste” of what we’ll be having at the show! Hope to see you there!!!


Wrap it up!

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Brown infinity turtleneck scarf

 Tis’ the season to find the PERFECT GIFT! This beauty is a definite crowd pleaser. Our infinity turtleneck scarf can be worn as shown in picture and off the shoulder as a shrug. Very soft and affordable! Visit our website and grab yours now for only $49.  Scarves are timeless and fun! Pair with a basic white t-shirt, leggings, and boots…you’ll look so trendy! Cameran Diaz and Kim Kardashian arent the only ones wearing this chic look, now you can too! Get yours at Joey Eric located at The Greene, or shop 24 hours at! Not to mention  infinity scarves are one of Oprah’s FAVORITE THINGS!! Infinity scarves are a major steal this holiday season…HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


No Dorothy, You’re Not In Kansas Anymore December 15, 2009

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Jeans are always a must have, no matter where you live, what kind of weather condition you have or what time of year it is. Comfort is always a plus but sometimes that right fit is hard to find. That’s where our Flying Monkey Jeans come in. These jeans are an amazing fit and their comfort is exceptional. Although they are a denim, these jeans borderline feel like cotton leggings due to their stretchiness. Since they have give to them, not only are they exceptionally trendy, they are extremely wearable. You won’t have to worry about ripping them or busting open a knee because of the give to them. I have boughten many pairs of destroyed jeans, almost all of which, after bending over a few times, the knees give out and break open. I own the blue wash destroyed jeans now and have had them for a little while now and not one of the holes have ripped open. When first trying them on in the store, I was a little skeptical. They were somewhat tight despite the stretch to them and I wasn’t sure about them. But once I got them home and had them on the almost instantly relaxed. They are officially my favorite pair of jeans that I own!

A good pair of skinny distressed jeans are awesome no matter what time of year. They add flair to regular tee shirts, party tops and everything in between. Another thing that’s great about a skinny cut versus a flare or boyfriend cut this time of year is that they fit perfectly under your favorite pair of boots to trek out into the cold with.

This is the pair that I personally own and love. The color is a fabulous blue that I love to wear with my knit UGG boots and I cannot wait to rock them with a pair of flip flops this spring. All of the holes have stayed well intact even when I have had to bend over to pick something up. The comfort of these jeans is phenomenal!

Distressed jeans just not your thing? These dark grey skinnies are a must-have then! The color of these jeans is perfect to dress up or dress down and would look great with any color of boot! This classic look comes in a basic dark blue denim and a light grey wash as well! Stop by Joey Eric and check out every style!!!


Your Holiday Hunt is Over

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Not quite sure as to what to get your friends and family for christmas? The clock ticking closer to the holidays have you panicked? Hunt no longer! Check out our infinity scarves while they’re still on the shelves! These scarves can be warn a million different ways, making them a staple in yours and your gift receiver’s wardrobes! Just what are a few of these millions of ways? let me show you!

Doubled Up– In this form, your neck is completely covered from the cold while looking extremely fabulous! On top of that, no need to worry about tying your scarf in knots to make sure it stays. Since it is in loop form, the infinity scarf stays right around your neck while staying close to your chin to keep you extremely warm! Also, in this form, you can simply take one of the loops in the back and pull it over your head, creating a hood! Perfect if you get caught in the rain or snow without an umbrella or hood!

Over the Shoulders– This is perfect for those holiday party tanks when your shoulders are bare and you’re just chilly! With this look your neck and shoulders stay super warm without having to have on a bulky coat or jacket. Also, you’ll just look fabulous!

Just Looped Over Your Neck– The simplest of forms, just around your neck will add flair to any shirt while still keeping you warm! whenever you come in from the cold you can just unloop it once from over your head instead of having to take it off while still looking great!

Vest/Shawl- This looks adorable over a long sleeve shirt or tee to make it a little more wintery! It’s a perfect way to stay warm while looking trendy and chic in the cold!

Come check out our store to have one of us here show you how all of these fabulous tricks are done and to pick up a few for you and your friends!

Or go to our site at now to check out all of out all of our different colors and styles of infinity scarves we have to offer!

Hope to see you soon!!!