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New Winter Coats from Tulle November 30, 2008

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As all ladies know, fashion does not stop for winter.  We have to make sure we’re looking good during the chilly months, and that means cute coats.  If you live in a colder climate, make sure to look for something in a heavy wool to keep out the chill.  The coats below, from Tulle’s winter collection, are all great options.



joeyeric-489cropDon’t miss these great coats – stop in or check out the online store to see which coat would work best with your winter wardrobe!

Live. Love. Shop.



Got Uggs? You need skinny jeans!

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No skinny jeans? No way!

Ugg Boots have been a huge trend for the past few years.  They’re comfortable, stylish, and you can wear them just about anything… except jeans that are too big to be stuffed into them!  At Joey Eric, we always recommend skinny jeans to go inside Uggs and other boots.  Even if you’re not comfortable in them with flats or heels, they’re a perfect match for Uggs.  There’s no bunching at the knee, no stuffing and folding your jeans into your socks.  We have a great selection of skinny jeans at Joey Eric – our most popular brand is Flying Monkey.  They’re comfortable, stretchy and forgiving – perfect for those boots!

Live. Love. Shop.



Black Friday. Joey Eric. Be there! November 28, 2008

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Just a quick reminder to come visit Joey Eric at the Greene tomorrow morning!

From 9-12am, all customers will receive 25% off every item in the store.  That’s right- sale items, too!  If you can’t make it in by noon, stop by anyway to check out all of our new merchandise.  We’ll be serving complimentary apple spritzers and sweet treats all day long.  Whether you’re getting that cute outfit for your holiday party or shopping for your favorite lady, make Joey Eric one of your first Black Friday stops!

And of course, Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Joey Eric!




Top Trend: Jewel-toned Handbags November 26, 2008

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One of this season’s biggest trends is jewel-toned handbags.  From deep reds and purples to rich navy, these fun bags add a pop of color to your winter outfits.  All of the styles below are available at Joey Eric- come in and get yours now, we can’t order them fast enough!





Survival tips for brave Black Friday shoppers everywhere… November 25, 2008

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The holiday season is officially here and the biggest shopping day of the season is upon us… Black Friday! Here are a few helpful hints that I found that can make this day fun and fuss free.

Survival tips for brave Black Friday shoppers everywhere…

  • Stop by Joey Eric: We are having our biggest sale ever- 25% off all merchandise from 9-12am! You can also enjoy cookies and apple spritzers all day long while you shop. New arrivals this week: skinny jeans, scarves, hair accessories, tops, jewelry, amazing designer-inspired handbags, and much more. If you haven’t purchased your zig zag scarf, make you way into the store quickly! These things are flying off the racks. (If you don’t live in Ohio, check out!)
  • Pay attention to the ads: No one likes to get to a store and realize that the sale on that DVD only applies to the full screen version and you want wide-screen (or whatever other nightmare realization you might have).
  • Wear clothes appropriate to the weather (both in and out): If it’s cold out, have a coat, jacket, or sweater handy for waiting in lines before stores open, but be prepared to tie it around your waist or put it in a cart, if you’re lucky enough to find one. The less you have on, the better. Stores get very warm with thousands of people running around for the best deals.
  • Make a list! I cannot emphasize this one enough. Without it, you’ll surely forget at least one item you came for. If you’re super-organized, it helps to put the item, the store where it’s on sale and how much it’s supposed to be on sale for. Also handy, carry a highlighter to mark things off as you get them. (Print a handy, pre-organized list here!)
  • Clean out your trunk (or cargo area):Better to have PLENTY of room for unexpectedly large items, or all of your shopping bags. Plus, if it’s in the trunk, it’s out of sight and thieves are less likely to break in to steal your holiday gifts.
  • Bring a reusable shopping bag or two: When there are no carts or baskets available you’ll be glad you have a handy bag to tote stuff to the registers in.
  • Bring your ads with you: If you’ve got it, the store can’t dispute the price and you can check again on things you saw through the turkey haze the night before.
  • Keep drinks and snacks in your car: You may have to wait in yet another line to get a beverage or a bite to eat in the stores and this way you stay hydrated, fed and safe. So pack up a small cooler with some drinks and snacks (lunch size bags or crackers, chips and other snacks in sandwich bags work well).
  • Pack light: If you’re carrying a purse, clean it out the night before so you have only the essentials (checkbook, credit cards, ID, store savings/rewards cards, cell phone, gum and a hairband if needed). If you really want to be safe, make sure it’s a purse that’s easy to carry, preferably across your body. It’ll make it that much more difficult for someone to snatch it from you. If you’re only carrying a wallet, clean it out too. If it’s too thick, it’s hard on your back.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes: Tensions will be running high, everyone will be tired and the last thing you need is for your feet to be aching while you wait in line. Same goes for your clothes. If you aren’t comfortable, change! No one cares if you’re making a fashion statement or not. It’s Black Friday.
  • Put gas in your car the night before: Time is of the essence here. You won’t have time to stop and fill up between getting to and from each store you need to hit. Although, if you aren’t out shopping, lines at the pump shouldn’t be too bad…
  • Have fun and be kind to fellow shoppers! This one may just be the most important! If you aren’t having a good time, you’re only going to make others miserable too. If you’re nice to others, it will likely come back to you. If you’re not, chances are, that’ll come back too, only you probably won’t like it.



Trends in Jewelery, Winter 2008 November 24, 2008

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Wondering how to accessorize for your holiday parties?  While checking out fashion blogs this morning, I found this post about the hottest trends for this season.  Check out the trends, all available at Joey Eric!*

Dark and Warm Gemstone and Jewelry Colors: Look for dark reds, oranges, yellows, browns, black and darker greys.


Gold Chain Necklace with Dark Red Detail, $37

Big and Bold Stones: Larger pendants, larger beads and chunky, eye-catching pieces are staples this season.


Natural Stone, Double Chain Pendant, $45

Natural Materials on the Glitzy Side: Last season we saw a lot of wooden beads, but now natural gems, stones, and dark crystals are in.


Geometric Chain Necklace made with Natural Stones, $45

Gold and Silver Battle It Out: This year we’re seeing more gold, especially given the popularity of the dark warmer colors and larger stones.


Gold Double Chain Necklace with Rhinestone Detail, $37

*All jewelery will be available via internet within the next few days.  For now, come visit us at our store at The Greene!




Get the Look at Joey Eric: Zig Zag Scarves November 20, 2008

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Scarves are huge in Hollywood right now.  Check out how closely the scarves above (shown on Vanessa Manillo and Jessica Alba ) match the scarves at Joey Eric!


Click here to visit Joey Eric’s online store and see all of the latest scarves.