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Spring 2011 Trend: Lace for the Ladies March 30, 2011

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Hello again fashion lovers!

There are so many great trends that have popped up on the runway for Spring 2011. It full of pattern, neutral colors, and 60s and 70s inspired prints and styles. But there is one trend that is so feminine and girly, it goes right along with the beautiful weather of springtime! It’s Lace!

Lace may be the one staple fabric that exemplifies a woman and her girly ways. Women love lace because it makes them feel sexy and youthful…and it’s easy to wear even in the summer heat.

Lace has been timeless for years in the fashion world with its glamorous and elegant look. Like all great fashion trends in the industry, it has come back in full swing for spring and summer 2011. It is becoming popular in dresses, long and short,skirts and in shoes.


Here's Olivia Palermo, star in MTV's shows, The City wearing a short lace dress for a flirty look.

Since the style of lace in clothing has been around for some time, the trend this cycle around is more about antique-style lace. Generally, for this season, you should go for a wider net, a more unique pattern, a sturdier fabric – rather than a thin stretch lace.

Lace is also so easy to dress up with, my favorite, ACCESSORIES!! If you have a simple white lace dress, it’s so easy to go for some big, colorful jewelry that accentuate the overall feminine look of the lace. It’s a perfect summer or spring date night look! Check out this cute lace, strapless dress Joey Eric is featuring right now!!


This JE lace dress is so cute and easy to wear! Pair with some great heels and colorful jewelry, and you're ready for a cute spring date night!

Lace is the perfect way to look feminine and classy! Try it out in tops, dresses and skirts and see how you can wear it best! Let me know what you find! Happy shopping! 🙂

Until next time…LOVES



Spring Trend Alert: Flatforms! Fashion Do or Don’t?? March 28, 2011

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Hello fashion lovers!

The spring weather is slowly making its appearance this season, but soon it will be here to stay! And don’t forget the summer heat is just around the corner! Time to drag those spring fling dresses out of your closet and pack up the heavy sweaters and boots for the season! What a relief!

As I was recently flipping through some recent trends in fashion magazines for the spring, I came across a trend that broke on the runways of many designers for Spring 2011 collections, and I have to say I’m not sure what I think? Take a look…

It’s called the “Flatform.” A cross between the beloved ballet flat and the easy-to-walk in platform wedge heel. It allows the average woman, who may be afraid of donning the ever-tricky stiletto or platform heel to give herself a little height without the fear of falling over. It has a flat bottom, just raised a few inches to give the wearer height and add a little feminine flair to a spring dress.

Check out these different forms of the "Flatform." They're comfy and easy to wear!

Now while you may be thinking, “What’s the difference from my wedge platforms??” Well, the Flatform has a more “ballet flat” feel to them, giving the bottom of the shoe a completely flat look, just on a platform. It still makes the wearer feel as if she’s wearing her favorite ballet flats. Many designers such as Derek Lam, Michael Kors, Prada and Chanel have given their flatforms different looks ranging from a wedge look to a sandal, to even a regular boat shoe.

Here are different examples of Flatforms previewed on the runway for Spring 2011.

The easiest way to wear a Flatform is with a flirty skirt or lace top, or even a cotton dress…all from Joey Eric boutique, of course!! JE has also got some FABULOUS new jewelry in for the spring, so check it out! You need some bright, funky jewelry to accompany your fashion forward Flatforms!!

So, what do you think?? Ready to rock your Flatforms for spring and summer?! Let me know what you think..are these a Fashion DO or DON’T??

Until next time…LOVES



Spring 2011: Jump on the BoHo train! January 21, 2011

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Hello fashionistas!! This chilly, winter weather has me wishing for those warm summer evenings and beautiful sunsets. Good thing JE has just what we need for spring and summer 2011!

As I’ve written before, the bohemian style is one my favorite styles out there…and it brings me great joy to report that the “Boho” fashion is back in for spring/summer 2011! Designers all across the board are bringing out theBoho in their lines with 60s and 70s inspired colors and patterns.

TIP: For Boho inspired looks, turn to celebs like Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton and Kate Moss for some cool styles!

Here's Sienna Miller in a cropped Boho blouse with a great pattern! And check out that awesome belt! Boho styles look great with distressed jeans and gladiator sandals!

The best thing about Boho style is how easy it is to look naturally and simply beautiful in the clothes. It brings a much laid back look to fashion and Boho is NOT afraid of color. So be sure to mix and match those wild and crazy colors for spring and summer!

The great thing about Boho style is the ability to pair your more expensive staples in your wardrobe with cheaper blouses and accessories to create a great look. Such as a great leather jacket with a simple, colorful tunic and tons of jewelry.

This tunic soon to be sold at Joey Eric displays a great pattern and detail perfect for the Boho style! Could be worn with leggings or even great skinny jeans!

This Boho chic tunic shown above is a perfect start to your Spring Boho wardrobe! So be sure to check it out once JE gets them in! They are TOO cute! And don’t forget to hop on that Boho train before it quickly leaves the Fashion Station!

Until next time…LOVES



Fashion Forward to Spring: Simple and Sexy January 18, 2011

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Hello fashionistas!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog! The blog may have stopped for a little bit but fashion is always moving and even with winter just getting underway it seems like…spring is ahead of us! And I couldn’t be more happy about that. It’s time to get out of these bulky sweaters and boots and slip into something more simple and sexy!

Spring is coming and that means dresses and florals! This year on the New York spring fashion runways, we’ve been seeing simple designs such as whites, bold colors and cute florals. According to Harper’s Bazaar, even a 70s inspiration will be filling our spring wardrobe this year.

Here's some different styles popular for this spring!

Even earthy tones and nature colors are making their way into fun flowy dresses for the spring. And as always, Joey Eric is right there with the trends making sure you can grab your cute spring dress right NOW! Check out this adorable floral dress with a 70s inspired floral print. And, to add a little 2011 to the dress, mix it up with a trendy belt and amazing necklace. Perfect for Easter brunch!

These colors have me SO excited for what spring has to offer! Looks like floral and simple, bright colors will be filling my wardrobe! Can’t wait! So, let’s start the countdown now to spring! Here we go….

Until next time…LOVES



Accessorizing The “Little Black Dress” December 23, 2010

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This dress and accessories are available at JoeyEric.

Any style expert will tell you owning a LBD (little black dress) is a wardrobe essential.  This is because when you find the right dress for you it becomes a timeless piece you can wear over and over.   With the holiday season upon us and parties galore let’s not freak out over what to wear.   If you are running out of ideas on how to style your LBD here are a few ideas and tips:
  • Add a belt:

Simple and effective, this small addition can drastically change the look of the dress and can be very figure flattering.  Depending on the style of belt you can bring the elegance factor or you can tone things down for an edgier or casual look.

  • Brooch it:

Not just for your grandma, brooches are an underutilized accessory.  Ornate pins are a great way to add some sparkle to any ensemble.  The perfect touch for the holidays.

  • Wrap a scarf on it:

Use your scarf to create a shrug for warmth.  Like a belt a scarf can also tone down the look of your dress and give it a more casual feel.  Pair your scarf with a belt or broach to change up the look.

  • Tights & Leggings:

Add some color and fun to your ensemble with colored or textured tights!


Combine any of these accessories to create a multitude of looks this holiday season or any time of the year!  Don’t forget adding the right jewelry and shoes will complete the look.

Being fabulous doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful.  Happy Holidays Fashionistas!

– your JE stylist Samar


Trend Alert!: Black is the new….Black? November 15, 2010

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Hello lovelies!

So, last week I had the opportunity to leave the boring town of Muncie, In. and venture to a place where fashion is at the forefront and the wind blows in every which direction….that’s right, the windy city itself, Chicago, Il.! Even though I’m studying to be a journalist, my minor just happens to be fashion, which allowed me to participate in the fashion department’s annual trip to Chicago to attend seminars on all things fashion at the Art Institute of Illinois, all courtesy of the Fashion Group International.

Included were seminars on the design and fashion merchandising business, even a class on fashion reporting and how important fashion magazines are. The events of the day were all followed up by a student fashion show! Now, the seminars weren’t the only interesting thing to come up during the two-day conference; the abundance of unique fashions of the girls (and guys) there was just as inspiring, and may I add jaw-dropping!

Aside from the plethora of girls fighting to walk in their “too small” and “too high” heels, a fashion trend that was recurring throughout the conference was black, black, and more black! I know black is sophisticated and chic, but apparently it’s fall’s new color!

Many of the outfits included things like black patterned tights, black heels or boots, black high-waisted skirt mixed with a colored top and then topped off with a black leather Bomber jacket or blazer. I couldn’t help but be inspired by the different styles that could come from one simple color.

Check out these celebrities adding sophistication and edgyness with their high-waisted skirts. The Olson twins are the queens of black in the fashion world!

Between the pairings of chunky jewelry and fabulous handbags, most of these girls looked runway ready with a little edge to them. I can honestly say I have been wearing more black now and like the simplicity of it all. Because it’s so easy to pair that crazy colorful necklace you have sitting at the bottom of your jewelry container, or even wear that handbag that will go with nothing else.

With black, possibilities are endless! It’s slimming, looks chic, and you can add the craziest colors for a little something fun….and apparantly is the new trend for fall! So don’t miss out and open up your closest and go experiment with different edgy styles!!

Until next time…LOVES



Take a Walk in TOMS Shoes November 3, 2010

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Hello lovelies! Today’s blog is over something I have been wanting to cover for a while now and something that has had a big impact on college campuses around the country for the past year. It’s the One-for-One Movement called TOMS Shoes. Now, whether you’ve heard of the company, seen ads online, seen the shoes in stores or NEVER heard of the company, I’m here to tell you it’s an amazing company that gives back to world.

For those of you who don’t know…TOMS shoes is a shoe company that for every one pair of shoes that you buy, they give a pair to a child or adult in need from a different country. The company was started by Blake Mycoskie, when he traveled to Argentina and realized how many children walked around with no shoes, preventing them from attending school everyday. He then created a company that grew into something huge and has since been on numerous “shoe drops” to various countries around the world to help people in need.

Here's some examples of TOMS shoes. They usually run between $45-$70 in price. But remember...You're buying 2 pairs of shoes for someone in need!!

This company has sparked lots of interest in young college students because of the neat style of the shoes and because of the ability to make a change in the world by just buying a pair of shoes. I currently have one pair and intend on buying more in the future! Blake Mycoskie also recently came to my college (BSU) and discussed his journey to us and I can honestly say everyone in that room was truly inspired by him.

It is amazing to see such a stylish idea turn into something that not only benefits the fashion world, but also turns it around into something good for the world, as well. By just buying a pair of shoes, I feel like I’m making a difference. Not to mention how amazing they would look with any of your Joey Eric purchases! 🙂 They are easy to pair with any outfit!

Even celebrities are getting in on the action…people like Kristen Stewart, Scarlett Johansson, and Keira Knightley, and Joe Jonas have been supporters of wearing the shoes.

I recently did a multimedia slideshow for my school’s magazine website about TOMS shoes and how people on college campuses are getting involved! So take a look by clicking this Link.

I encourage everyone to buy a pair or just read more about the movement that is TOMS shoes! They are cute, stylish, and for a good cause! They are offered in men and women’s styles…perfect Christmas gift! 🙂

Until next time…LOVES